Architectural¬†lighting, LED, Car parks or project specific lighting…

Imagine lights that only come on automatically  when the room is occupied, returning to an energy saving state when you leave. Team that technology with the new LED technology in a commercial building or home and suddenly your have control over rising powerbills!

Casalite has a vast array of lighting solutions and stays up to date with the latest illumination and energy minimisation technologies, ensuring the right product fits your need.

The Casalite experience includes:

  • LED changeoverlighting-pics
  • Movement & occupancy detectors
  • Sensor dim corridor lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Warehouse High bay lighting
  • C-Bus Dynalite lighting control
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Exit and Emergency lighting
  • Carpark & street lighting
  • Dali, DSI, 0-10 volt
  • Lamp changeover


Ask about Casalite’s unique GreenBolt fluro replacement LED tube, a 93% energy saving light for basements and the like.


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