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Demand for energy is at an all time high, bills & supply charges are soaring. Energy efficiency is the buzz term, but do you know the consequences and benefits any initiative can bring to your premise?

Casalite can prove that the bottom line of going green can keep you in the black!

Minimising energy consumption is made easy when you engage Casalite to review your premise with our proven, total-life return on investment analysis of customised energy saving initiatives & strategies. Casalite are product agnostic with our unique solutions, this makes for better adaption to your building.

Engaged under ‘Energy Performance Contracting’, Casalite actively look to solve energy efficiency problems that you probably never noticed, this is where Casalite’s energy efficiency value comes from. We provide our fortunate clients with excellent real-world solutions to make you an energy scrooge. While initial outlay of some energy minimisation products is higher, the return on investment is seen quickly. You will save money and do your part to save your planet at the same time.

You need to make you building different for a reason… Some private and government enterprises are actively seeking new building leases that include high energy efficiency such as a minimum 4.5 star NABERS rating as standard.

Casalite also offer an ‘energy monitoring service’ where by we loan the use of our 30 circuit power recorder, this recorder takes a snapshot of over 30 active electrical circuits every 15 seconds and records the patterns and watts used so that you can then accurately know where to spend money to get teh best improvement via measurement and verification. – Talk to Casalite to provide the energy use ‘visibility’ your site needs. A complete excel document can be exported from the the data received from your site.


Casalite is ready to service you with energy minimisation technology in areas of:

  • Existing or new installation audits
  • Connection of energy loggers to mains and sub circuits
  • Visibility to energy use and solar feed in
  • Targeting use patterns
  • Presence detection
  • Daylight dimming / harvesting
  • Lighting to meet AS/NZS 1680
  • Lighting power density calculations
  • Identify areas where to spend money for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Identify energy efficiency problems for building managers
  • Active energy minimisation technology
  • Cloud site monitoring of metrics – energy/water/gas
  • Section  J8.3 BCA | Facility for energy monitoring – must have for buildings above 500m2
  • Utility supply conversion for competitive brokerage of tariff rates
  • kWh and kVA capacity and demand threshold controls for large energy clients
  • Capacity and demand charge reduction through intelligent load shedding
  • Power factor correction units – linear and non-linear load types
  • Variable speed drives (VSD) to water and exhaust motors
  • Commercial Building Disclosure  CBD

Talk to Casalite today about putting your business or building on an energy diet



Example Cloud-Based Dashboard:

energy dashboard


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