Data Network cabling

Forget tired network cabling that makes your data move like a slow snail! Casalite can work with your I.T. consultant to design a wiring system with all the trade-secrets built-in, so it runs ultra fast. 

Casalite’s Team includes endorsed and certified communications cablers, who are highly experienced in running and terminating enterprise level networks. They work in the largest and smallest of commercial and domestic buildings. We can provide a cost effective data installation that can distribute and network you computers, MAC’s printers and more!

Areas of experience include:


  • Copper Category 6/7 ultra high speed network cabling
  • Data Cabling
  • Phone Cabling
  • PoE or Power over Ethernet
  • Catenary wire systems suspensions
  • Umbilical cable management to workstations
  • Velcro tie ins
  • Pair test certification
  • Full certification LAN test (alien crosstalk, attenuation etc)
  • Shutter Jacks, waterproof Cat6 outlets
  • Media adapters & convertors (HDBaseT etc)
  • Racks to hold your active I.T and communication equipment. Patch panels professionally labelled up to patch through to the field outlets.
  • Network Storage & Cloud ready structured cable
  • Data Centres
  • We also perform MATV and Satellite provisioning, CCTV & HD-CCTV coaxial and SDI cabling
  • High end individual cable certification documents for banking level clientele (with own machine on Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore)
  • AMP | Belden


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