Battery back up solar

Not getting much value from your feed in?

We know, the government gave with one hand and took from the other.

Not getting that 44cent feed in, well there’s a solution, the answer… batteries, why export @ 6 cents when they charge you 30cents! If you look at a typical QLD 5kW solar installation, it will produce around 19kW hours daily.  $0.06 x 19 = $1.14.

Total average consumption for a day is around 20kW, now thats $0.28 x 20kW = $5.60 per day, heres the kicker, they charge you $0.91 everyday to be connected to the grid! basically your 6cent feed in offsets being connected to THEIR grid with your fancy 5kW solar system…..what rubbish!

Now lets out smart them, lets bank that solar energy to batteries, choose a Time Of Use tariff like Tariff 12 in QLD, this will make it cheaper in off peak, then we will switch to our batteries during peak when they want to charge more. Ha ha, you have just out-smarted the grid.

If you want to tackle the soaring power bills, don’t beat em, join em. Call Casalite and we will analyse how you use your power and design an energy combat system to keep you in front.


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